Explore the Myths and Realities of Cosmetic Compliance  

The cosmetic industry is poised to see 7% growth over the next five years. It will grow from having a market value of $532 billion to $805 billion. With this growth it is important that cosmetic stakeholders keep their customers safe from toxins, allergens, parabens and many other elements that are part of the creams, hair treatments, lipsticks, nail products, skincare products, makeup, perfumes and deodorants and many other items that they industry, as whole, produces. This event serves as an opportunity for the cosmetic community to come together and learn about compliance best practices, hear case studies from large and small companies, and learn how regulations are affecting the market now and in the future.


Are you ready? If so, join us for the industry's most comprehensive conference to address - on a global scale - how mergers and acquisitions are reshaping the market, how consumers are playing a more active role in a products life-cycle, what ingredients are now more regulated, what new regulations there are, how both independent companies and brand leaders are scaling, and a lot more. 

Spring 2019 Program Themes

Explore some of the overarching industry trends that need to be on your radar now

Discuss how to prepare for a merger or acquisition, regardless of if you’re being acquired or interested in acquiring other companies

Discuss how to compliantly market your product 

Analyze changing regulations around the world to determine which markets may be easiest to break into 

Review risks and rewards for CBD

Explore cosmetic chemicals concern

2018 Speakers

Kristin Adams

Founder & CEO
Afterglow Cosmetics

Jamie White

Regulatory Specialist
W.S. Badger Company

John Cooper

Director of Strategy
Veeva Systems

Rebecca Hamilton

W.S. Badger Company

Claire Bing

Director of Regulatory Affairs
Tarte Cosmetics

Jennifer Martin

Director Regulatory Affairs, North America

Jennifer R. Martin

Director Regulatory Affairs, North America
The Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Ken Bubeck

Ithos Global

Neshat Soofi

Head of Product Safety, Quality and Integrity
Brandless, Inc.

Kristin Adams

Afterglow Cosmetics

Darryl Do

Delbia Do Company

Trenton Norris

Arnold & Porter

JingJing Ru

Cosmetic Regulatory Specialist
Reach24H Consulting Group

Kapal Dewan

Team Lead, Cosmetics Division
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Jessica Harris

International Trade Compliance Project Manager
Young Living Essential Oils

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