Claire Bing

Director of Regulatory Affairs
Tarte Cosmetics

Claire Bing is the Director of Regulatory for tarte cosmetics, the leader in high-performance natural beauty. Since joining tarte in 2012, Claire’s role has grown along with the company as she and her team have led tarte’s regulatory expansion into new international markets in Southeast Asia, Australia and the European Union. Today, Claire is responsible for overseeing all regulatory, testing and quality assurance for new product development, as well as continued compliance with the FDA, FTC and other external supervisory bodies in the US and abroad. Her prior work experience includes production documentation and quality assurance across the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as microbial pathogenesis research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Claire earned her B.S. in Microbiology and B.A. in History of Art from The Ohio State University, and is passionate about volunteering for humans rights organizations, such as the Salvation Army and Human Rights Campaign.