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April 24 - 26, 2019 |
Convene, Los Angeles, CA

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Welcome back to L.A. for the 6th Cosmetic Compliance Summit!

We are back on the West Coast for our 6th Iteration of our Cosmetic Compliance series-- discussing up-to-the-minute regulatory shifts and country-specific consumer trends.

The international landscape for cosmetics is as dynamic as ever, and with this, there is an increased necessity to navigate both mature and emerging markets in order to stay competitive. Mature markets such as the EU, China, and Canada are paving the way to changing the cosmetics industry as we know it, while emerging markets are incorporating their own standards to ensure consumer safety and transparency.

For the first time, this iteration of the Cosmetic Compliance series will feature a two-track agenda to cater to the challenges faced by both regulatory and marketing teams within the cosmetics industry-- including several joint sessions to foster not only compliance, but an enhanced understanding of each team's function in order to innovate, comply, and streamline processes within your company.

Bring your team to this interactive inclusive event in order to:

  • Promote a strong partnership between R&D, product development, marketing, and regulatory teams

  • Further examine global labeling compliance and best practices in claims substantiation

  • Complete an in-depth assessment of both emerging and mature markets and their different regulations with reference to packaging and labeling, e-commerce, ingredient restrictions, and more

  • Analyze consumer preferences towards natural, organic, "free-from", clinical, and men's cosmetics products

  • Maintain a strong social media and e-commerce presence in disparate global locations

  • Prepare for retailer requirements starting at the research and development stage

  • Examine problematic ingredients and formulations such as SPF, microbeads, and aerosols from a regulatory and consumer standpoint

  • Clarify and align with Californian cosmetic regulations, like Prop. 65 and the CARB survey

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