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September 16 - 19, 2019 |
New York, NY

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Cosmetic Compliance Event Packet

Take a look at the official 2018 Cosmetic Compliance information packet taking place this September 24-26 in New York City. If you would like a copy via email >>>

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Accelerate the approval process with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming Cosmetics Compliance Summit this September 24 - 26 in New York.

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Cosmetic Compliance NYC - Here's What You Missed

At the last iteration of Cosmetic Compliance, we heard from CEOs, Directors of Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Managers about topics like growing your global presence through efficient international market entry, mastering claims and labeling, creating a high level compliance team through cross-de ...

Past Attendee Snapshot: See Who Attended the Cosmetic Compliance Series in 2017

Get a sneak peak of who you will meet and learn from at the 2018 Cosmetic Compliance event!To receive our Past Attendee List via email, please contact us at  with "Please send me the Cosmetic Compliance Attendee List" in the ...

2017 Cosmetic Compliance Post Show Report

Find out who attended the 2017 Cosmetic Compliance event series as well as what they learned, how they benefited from attending and what to expect in 2018!

The DO's and DONT's of Social Media Compliance for Cosmetics

From the meteoric rise of digital-native brands such as Glossier and Kylie Cosmetics to Anastasia Beverly Hills' astounding earned media value of over $105 million, few other industries can compete when it comes to leveraging social media to drive growth.However, despite it's potential, social me ...

More Than Makeup: Cosmetic Compliance In the News

A curated list of the latest cosmetic compliance related news. Stay up to date on what's recent regulatory and market developments such as:The new proposed Personal Care Products Safety ActThe impact of REACH regulation and the road aheadThe evolving EU packaging req ...


FDA at Cosmetic Compliance: Kapal Dewan Information Session

Kepal Dewan, Team Lead of the Cosmetics Division for the FDA will be joining us at the 8th Cosmetic Compliance this September 24-26 in NYC! She will be leading a session on Plausible Alternatives for Banned Substances. Get to know more about Kepal and her session. Receive a copy via email >>>...

The Hidden Costs of Information Deficiencies in New Product Development - and What You Can Do to Eliminate Them

The global cosmetics market is growing at a rapid pace of 6.4% per year, and is projected to reach a staggering $675 billion dollars by 2020 (Business Wire). Competition is fierce in this rapidly expanding market as companies vie for their share.This paper examines how information deficiencies are a core...

Current Attendee Snapshot

Get a sneak peak of who you will meet and learn from at the 2018 Cosmetic Compliance event with our current attendee snapshot.Request a copy via email >>>

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Taboo Cosmetic Ingredients and Their Alternatives

Ingredient-conscious consumers are beginning to dominate the cosmetics market as the general population becomes more aware of the social & health issues behind their favorite brands. In advance of the Summit, we break down some of the industry trends surrounding the use of taboo ingredients.

The Preservative Crisis

Gerri Watson, R&D Director at the Personal Care Performance Group, and past speaker at last April's summit, clarifies current claims restrictions, discusses current preservative trends, and predicts future trends in this past presentation.

Global Distinctions in Regulation and Marketing Heat Map

The previous event featured expert cosmetic/personal care speakers from various countries and key government agencies. This infographic maps their regions of expertise and samples their sessions, which are representative of those which will be held this year. 

Case Study: Quality & Regulatory Considerations When Collaborating With Third-Party Contract Manufacturers

Joy Campbell, AVP of Technical Services at H2O, and past speaker at our summit, goes into the four pillars of quality & regulatory collaboration, product marketing innovation vs operational capability, applying and evaluating capabilities assessments, and more in this past presentation.

Internal Chemicals Management Plan

YJ Brongo, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager at the La Prairie Group AG, and past speaker at our summit, looks at various compliance deadlines, focusing on data and people, a reporting diagram for petroleum substances, and more in this past presentation.

Cosmetic Compliance Case Study

This exclusive Case Study features presentations from Annie M. Ugurlayan, Senior Staff Attorney, National Advertising Division (NAD), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Ian Kupferberg, Global Regulatory & Environmental Affairs, Abercrombie & Fitch, Kari Gran, Co-Founder, Kari Gran Skin Care, Dr. Ranulfo Lemus, Principal Toxicologist and a Diplomate of the American Board...

Shawn Blythe Speaker Presentation

Shawn Blythe, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. presents strategies and solutions for navigating fragrance compliance & multi-component formulations.

Study highlights rise in consumer complaints to FDA

By Simon Pitman+, 12-Jul-2017 A new study by Northwestern University highlights how the number of complaints to the FDA relating to cosmetic and personal care products more than doubled between 2015 and 2016.

Cosmetics Guide: Global Packaging & Labeling Regulations

Complying with global packaging & labeling requirements across the globe is a major issue for companies of all sizes. We created this guide that maps the latest packaging and labeling requirements.

Compliance & Regulatory EBook

This Ebook includes perspectives from three speakers from top industry companies, focusing on compliance, “natural” and “organics”, decision making processes and more.

Exploring Claims Substantiation through Various Testing Methods to Support your Claims

A past presentation by Annie Ugurlayan from last year's 2017 Cosmetic Compliance event.Highlighted topics:• Learn about the laws and guides for making anti-aging, slimming, firming, moisturizing, and green claims• Hear examples of when such claims were and were not properly substantiated• Become familiar with what constitutes an advertising claim, including when...

Substances Used in Consumer Products: The Challenge of Ensuring Safe Ingredients

A past presentation by Monice Fiume from last year's 2017 Cosmetic Compliance event.Highlighted Topics:• Hear about the process of the Cosmetic Ingredient Reviews (CIR)• Identify various hazardous substances and understand their safety issues• Zero in on PEGs, PPGs, and Polyglyceryl Surfactants and Emulsifiers that can be safely used in your...

Global review of Adverse events (AEs) to marketed products: Handling, reporting and monitoring AEs

A past presentation by Viny Srinivasan from last year's 2017 Cosmetic Compliance.Highlighted Topics:• Roles and responsibilities, collaborating and communicating with Consumer Affairs/Customer Service• Performing data reconciliation and conducting causality assessments of the AEs• Signal detection and confirmation as well as monitoring of the trends• Ensuring timely reporting to regulatory authorities (Mandatory...

Taboo Cosmetic Ingredients: How aware are you?

Ingredient-conscious consumers are beginning to dominate the cosmetics market as the general population becomes more aware of the social & health issues behind their favorite brands. This video breaks down some of the industry trends surrounding the use of taboo me this video >>>

What Constitutes “Natural” or “Organic” in the Absence of a Regulated Definition

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that products be properly labeled and that ingredients be “generally recognized as safe” when used as directed, it doesn’t approve cosmetics or other personal care products directly. Nor does the FDA define or regulate terms like “organic” or “natural.” The U.S....

Greenwashing Investigations by the FDA/FTC are Increasing – Protecting Your Company

What is Greenwashing and what does it mean for you and the natural/organic industryUnderstand labeling requirements and challenges specifically related to naturalsHow is the FDA/FTC handling misleading natural or organic claims and how to respondExplore recent Class Actions filed against misleading natural or organic claims and how you can protect...

Explore the Link Between Pollution and Personal Care Products

What do environmental toxins have to do with personal care products?How consumers can protect themselves in areas of concernWays products can aid in the battle against environmental toxinsDevelop claims and substantiation methodologies for protection and cleansingForm a game plan to help market your product’s abilitiesPresentation by Stephen Schwartz, President &...

Microbiome-Inspired Cosmetics: The Next Big Trend?

Why the Skin Microbiome is important to skin healthHow cosmetics can incorporate “friendly bacteria” and remain compliantHear how products can be tested clinically to support claims in this arenaExplore topical cosmetic techniques to manipulate the Skin MicrobiomeSurmise the future of the Microbiome trend and how it will affect the cosmetics...

Video Interview: Tarte Cosmetics on Cosmetic Compliance

Ahead of the 8th Annual Cosmetic Compliance Summit, our influencer George Ledes, Founder of The Beauty Influencers sat down with Claire Bing, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Tarte Cosmetics to discuss the cosmetic regulatory landscape and how it will be evolving in the next 5 years.

Agility Comes to Cosmetics

How can we maintain compliance, even while bringing more new products into more markets? How can we accelerate time to market? And avoid employee burnout? Increasingly, forward-thinking companies are finding that unified, cloud-based software addresses their biggest challenges and unbridles their team’s potential.

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