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April 24 - 26, 2019 |
Convene, Los Angeles, CA

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Cosmetic Compliance Official Event Packet

Join us April 24-26 in Los Angeles for Cosmetic Compliance Spring! Take a peek at our official agenda. If you would like a copy via email >>>


Global Industry Report: Where is Cosmetic Compliance Heading in 2019?

The cosmetic industry is poised to see 7% annual growth over the next five years and is expected to reach a market value of more than $800 billion by 2023. As the industry grows and welcomes new entrants, it is more important than ever for cosmetic stakeholders to comply with...

4 Quality & Regulatory Challenges Facing the Cosmetics Industry in 2019 and How to Avoid Them

Between increased competition and nonstop regulatory scrutiny, cosmetics companies are feeling the heat to bring products to market faster while maintaining compliance and managing claims. And they have to do it all without massive employee burnout. In this insightful new whitepaper, we’ll share the top four challenges facing cosmetics companies in...

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Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2019: Current Attendee List

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Cosmetic Compliance NYC - Here's What You Missed

At the last iteration of Cosmetic Compliance, we heard from CEOs, Directors of Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Managers about topics like growing your global presence through efficient international market entry, mastering claims and labeling, creating a high level compliance team through cross-departmental and external partner communications, and more. Take a...

Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.


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Interview with Jennifer Martin, Director Regulatory Affairs, North America Colgate-Palmolive

In this video, Jennifer Martin shares insights on:Her largest compliance challenges both globally and domestically this year Ensuring efficient communication to remain compliant throughout your organization and product developmentThe impact of increased demand for "natural" and "organic" products on product development, as well as resulting compliance challengesA 5 year outlook...

Interview with Ken Bubeck, CEO, Ithos Global

In this interview, Ken Bubeck shares insights on:Trends driving the cosmetic industry forward How cosmetic companies can apply Ithos Global solutions to their companies Advice to the cosmetics industry from a solution provider's perspective regarding managing the increasingly complex global regulatory environment Reactive vs proactive compliance advice A 5 year...

Interview with Kristin Adams, Founder & CEO, Afterglow Cosmetics

In this video, Kristen Adams shares insights on:How the cannabis trend is impacting the beauty industryThe largest compliance challenges she faces globally and domestically this year Ensuring efficient communication to remain compliant throughout your organization and product developmentThe impact of increased demand for "natural" and "organic" products on product development,...

Cosmetic Industry Report Video

The Cosmetic Compliance Team surveyed 600+ industry leaders to uncover where cosmetic compliance is heading in 2019. This quick and informative video classifies the most pressing issues of cosmetic brands and solution providers, as well as a variety of other industry players. Email to have the video sent to...

Highlights from Onsite at Cosmetic Compliance NYC

Check out some highlights from the previous iteration of Cosmetic Compliance!

Taboo Cosmetic Ingredients: How aware are you?

Ingredient-conscious consumers are beginning to dominate the cosmetics market as the general population becomes more aware of the social & health issues behind their favorite brands. This video breaks down some of the industry trends surrounding the use of taboo me this video >>>

Video Interview: Tarte Cosmetics on Cosmetic Compliance

Ahead of the Cosmetic Compliance Summit, our influencer George Ledes, Founder of The Beauty Influencers, sat down with Claire Bing, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Tarte Cosmetics, to discuss the cosmetic regulatory landscape and how it will be evolving in the next 5 years.


Cosmetics Guide: Global Packaging & Labeling Regulations

Complying with global packaging & labeling requirements across the globe is a major issue for companies of all sizes. We created this guide that maps the latest packaging and labeling requirements.

The DO's and DONT's of Social Media Compliance for Cosmetics

From the meteoric rise of digital-native brands such as Glossier and Kylie Cosmetics to Anastasia Beverly Hills' astounding earned media value of over $105 million, few other industries can compete when it comes to leveraging social media to drive growth.However, despite it's potential, social media is not without it's risk....

More Than Makeup: Cosmetic Compliance In the News

A curated list of the latest cosmetic compliance related news. Stay up to date on what's recent regulatory and market developments such as:The new proposed Personal Care Products Safety ActThe impact of REACH regulation and the road aheadThe evolving EU packaging requirementsThe business compliance connectionand more!

Past Presentations

The Most Common Labeling Mistakes Identified and Resolved

In this presentation, Ian Kupferberg, Global Regulatory & Environmental Affairs, Abercrombie & Fitch, presents on:Identifying the most common labeling errorsWhat is easy to miss when putting together your label?A discussion on how to work with partners to avoid simple mistakes

Compare and Contrast OTC Products and Cosmetics

In this presentation, Kristin Hartzell, Director, Product Quality and Regulatory Affairs, e.l.f. Cosmetics, presents on:Addressing the formal definitions OTC and cosmetics and a discussion how the regulations differA review of updates on the Tentative Final Monograph for sunscreensA discussion on some of the regulatory considerations you should watch for if...

Preparing for a Merger or Acquisition from Both Sides of the Equation

In this presentation, Shawn Creedon, Esq., CPA, General Counsel to Sundial Brands, presents on: Examining why the industry is ripe for mergers and acquisitions, and which companies are most in-demandUnderstanding key considerations as the seller (decreased privacy, increased workload) and buyer (increased risk, increased work load) in preparation for an...

Regulatory Briefing: Evolving Markets Around the World

In this presentation, Yonca Aksemsettinoglu, Regulatory Affairs Manager, North America, Colgate-Palmolive, presents on:Although the EU and US provide the gold standard when it comes to the regulatory landscape, the rest of the world is in a constant struggle to keep up. From Asia to Brazil to Turkey, countries all over...

Past Presentation Packet

In preparation for the Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2019 Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:The Most Common Labeling Mistakes Identified and Resolved: Ian Kupferberg, Global Regulatory & Environmental Affairs, Abercrombie & FitchCompare and Contrast OTC Products and Cosmetics: Kristin...


Taboo Cosmetic Ingredients and Their Alternatives

Ingredient-conscious consumers are beginning to dominate the cosmetics market as the general population becomes more aware of the social & health issues behind their favorite brands. In advance of the Summit, we broke down some of the industry trends surrounding the use of taboo ingredients.

Compliance & Regulatory eBook

This Ebook includes perspectives from three speakers from top industry companies, focusing on compliance, “natural” and “organics”, decision making processes and more.

The Hidden Costs of Information Deficiencies in New Product Development - and What You Can Do to Eliminate Them

The global cosmetics market is growing at a rapid pace of 6.4% per year, and is projected to reach a staggering $675 billion dollars by 2020 (Business Wire). Competition is fierce in this rapidly expanding market as companies vie for their share.This paper examines how information deficiencies are a core...

Agility Comes to Cosmetics

How can we maintain compliance, even while bringing more new products into more markets? How can we accelerate time to market? And avoid employee burnout? Increasingly, forward-thinking companies are finding that unified, cloud-based software addresses their biggest challenges and unbridles their team’s potential.

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