October 30 – November 1, 2017 |
New York, New York

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7th Cosmetic Compliance Brochure

In a market dictated by the consumer, balance between innovation and compliance is your key to success in chasing those trends. The Fall event, taking place October 30 - November 1 in NYC, is bringing together industry experts with a program designed to foster a global regulatory framework. Confirmed Speakers Include: Jennifer Martin Rempe, Global... Read More


Taboo Ingredients 2016

There are common cosmetic ingredients are not outright illegal in the United States, but your customers are actively avoiding them. If you continue to use them in your products, you risk damaging your brand. Are you keeping up on the latest ingredient taboos? We have rounded some of them up in advance of the... Read More

Global Cosmetic Regulatory Infographic

The previous event featured expert cosmetic/personal care speakers from various countries and key government agencies. This infographic maps their regions of expertise and samples their sessions, which are representative of those which will be held this... Read More

Global Distinctions in Cosmetic Regulations and Marketing

With regulations still evolving from emerging markets, which are incorporating their own standards to ensure consumer safety and transparency, marketing is playing a bit of catch up. We fortunately can help. We have put together a guide that lays out not only the regulations of countries, but also the marketing aspect to give you a full world... Read More

Cosmetics Guide: Global Packaging & Labeling Regulations

Complying with global packaging & labeling requirements across the globe is a major issue for companies of all sizes. We created this guide that maps the latest packaging and labeling... Read More

Exclusive Content

Cosmetic Compliance Case Study

This exclusive Case Study features presentations from Annie M. Ugurlayan, Senior Staff Attorney, National Advertising Division (NAD), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Ian Kupferberg, Global Regulatory & Environmental Affairs, Abercrombie & Fitch, Kari Gran, Co-Founder, Kari Gran Skin Care, Dr. Ranulfo Lemus, Principal Toxicologist and a Diplomate of... Read More

Taboo Cosmetic Ingredients and Their Alternatives

Ingredient-conscious consumers are beginning to dominate the cosmetics market as the general population becomes more aware of the social & health issues behind their favorite brands. In advance of the Summit, we break down some of the industry trends surrounding the use of taboo... Read More

Global Labeling & Claims Playbook for Cosmetic Products

Are you struggling to ensure your labels are globally compliant? Take a look at this interactive cheat sheet we've put together, current for 2016, which includes labeling regulations for the US, EU, China, Brazil, India, and... Read More

2017 Banned & Restricted Cosmetic Ingredient Index At-A-Glance

Find out what cosmetic ingredients have been banned and/or newly restricted within the US and the EU over the past year in our 2017 Global Banned & Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients Index At-A-Glance. As an added bonus, we’ve also included links to a full dossier of prohibited and restricted cosmetic ingredient lists from all across the globe from... Read More


Cosmetic Compliance NYC - Here's What You Missed

At the last iteration of Cosmetic Compliance, we heard from CEOs, Directors of Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Managers about topics like growing your global presence through efficient international market entry, mastering claims and labeling, creating a high level compliance team through cross-departmental and external partner communications,... Read More

Shawn Blythe Speaker Presentation

Shawn Blythe, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. presents strategies and solutions for navigating fragrance compliance & multi-component... Read More


The Preservative Crisis

Gerri Watson, R&D Director at the Personal Care Performance Group, and past speaker at last April's summit, clarifies current claims restrictions, discusses current preservative trends, and predicts future trends in this past... Read More

Case Study: Quality & Regulatory Considerations When Collaborating With Third-Party Contract Manufacturers

Joy Campbell, AVP of Technical Services at H2O, and past speaker at our summit, goes into the four pillars of quality & regulatory collaboration, product marketing innovation vs operational capability, applying and evaluating capabilities assessments, and more in this past... Read More

Internal Chemicals Management Plan

YJ Brongo, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager at the La Prairie Group AG, and past speaker at our summit, looks at various compliance deadlines, focusing on data and people, a reporting diagram for petroleum substances, and more in this past... Read More

Fast Track Your Attendance

Cosmetics Compliance Post Show Report 2016

The last Cosmetics Compliance Summit was our best one yet, and we're poised to outdo ourselves again! Check out the past attendees, satisfaction ratings, testimonials, key highlights, unique networking opportunities, and crowd favorite speakers from the previous... Read More

Justify Your Trip Letter

Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming Cosmetics Compliance Summit this October 30 - November 1 in New York and you'll be sure to receive permission to join... Read More

What's New for Cosmetic Compliance?

The Fall program has a whole new lineup of topics. Check out this quick 1pager to see what's new for Cosmetic Compliance and be sure to take a look at the agenda to see our 78% new speaker... Read More

Past Attendee Snapshot

CEOs, Directors of Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Managers are already signing up to join us at the 7th Cosmetic Compliance Summit, October 30 - November 1 in New York. Take a look at the last summit’s attendees - many of whom you’ll meet this time... Read More

Cosmetic Compliance's Breakfast Briefing!

Our brand new Breakfast Briefing gives you the opportunity to sit over breakfast with Stephen Schwartz, President & CEO of International Research Services, Inc. Spend part one of the Breakfast Briefing learning why Microbiome-Inspired Cosmetics are becoming the next big trend and part two learning what environmental toxins have to do with... Read More

7th Cosmetic Compliance Registration Form

Download the registration form and customize your... Read More

Sponsorship Information

ATTENDEE SNAPSHOT - Sponsorship & Exhibition

Take a peek at who you can expect to network with on-site based on our Attendee Snapshot. Contact us today and find out more on exclusive sponsorship opportunities available to network with our high-level audience at this year’s event! Alternatively, feel free to send your request to Terence.Wu@iqpc.com to receive your copy via... Read More

Sponsorship Prospectus - Cosmetic Compliance

Secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through Thought Leadership Sessions, Workshops Presentations, Innovative Demo Drives and Exhibit Displays. Download the Sponsorship Prospectus to find out more... Alternatively, feel free to send your request to Terence.Wu@iqpc.com to receive your copy via... Read More

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Australia prepares to replace cosmetics regulation NICNAS

By Natasha Spencer, 28-Jun-2017 The present National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) cosmetics regulation, which covers a wide range of chemicals including cosmetics, will be reformed July 1, 2018.... Read More

Study highlights rise in consumer complaints to FDA

By Simon Pitman+, 12-Jul-2017 A new study by Northwestern University highlights how the number of complaints to the FDA relating to cosmetic and personal care products more than doubled between 2015 and... Read More